01-18-13 07:10 PM
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    Ha! just started a thread like this LAST WEEK. Had problems with my 9850 battery (fixed now with new battery) but called VZW and asked the rep about it and said, "Oh well...good timing I guess as I can now upgrade to BB10" The rep paused for a few awkward seconds, and said, "Yeah....we've been told nothing about BB10....I don't think we're getting it so I wouldn't wait on it if I were you"
    01-14-13 10:40 PM
  2. OpelBlitz's Avatar
    Unfortunately this is just how it is in the U.S

    This is why we will be seeing BB10. As much as I love my current Berry the truth is RIM is behind in the game and have been for some time. BlackBerry10 is going to change peoples perception of what a BlackBerry device is but it will take some time. If the launch is successful and its as amazing as it looks then it should not take too much time.

    I'm one American who will be rocking a BlackBerry10 proudly and spreading the word.

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    This is pretty much how I feel as well. I will say, however, pretty much all of my friends are Android users. But at least half of them respect BlackBerry and hope BB10 does well. And one of my friends actually has a mild interest in the new devices.
    01-15-13 02:48 AM
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    To follow up from the early speedtest post, I did get a pretty good speedtest on verizon downtown today. T-Mobile (on an iPhone 4S - a category 10 HSPA device) and AT&T LTE for comparison.

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    01-15-13 04:03 PM
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    Well I guess I should tell my story! I am a sales rep for T-Mobile USA in New Orleans and I personally use a BlackBerry Bold 9900.. Love Blackberry and like the most of us waiting on BB10! I constantly get customers coming in looking for something more basic other than the top of the line android phones, when I mention blackberry they look at me like I said something about their family! I immediately say what's wrong with blackberry? They say "no one carries a blackberry, they are going out of business." I take out my blackberry and show them how easy blackberry is compared to the competition.. Some customers are skeptical, but they do buy the device and report back to me if they have any issues! Needless to say I am the only rep in my store that offers and sells blackberry.. My co- workers know that I am a huge blackberry user (even though I'm typing this on my new iPad mini, which I am very happy with) I do wish other reps don't dismiss blackberry so quickly.. I can't wait until Jan30th... "WE" will blow the non believers out the water!

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    01-18-13 12:01 PM
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    Keep spreading the BB word! The more people I have been talking to about the Z10, the more some of these people are already sold on it, just from pictures, hype and positive reviews! Not bad for a phone that has not even been released yet. We who believe have all been doing more then our part so far to make this a very successful launch and overall user experience! Keep it coming
    01-18-13 12:19 PM
  6. 8lackberry8's Avatar
    They are against current BlackBerry because it's not 4G. They are against the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10 in general because it's not on hand to be sold yet. They are for iPhones because they are accessorized up the wall for that phone. Unfortunately the threats of leaving the carrier will usually be met with "ok, bye".

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    01-18-13 07:10 PM
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