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    Weird issue, I'm hoping y'all can help:

    Here's what happens when I get a new voicemail: first I get a voicemail notification (which is fine) but I also get a text saying I have a new voicemail message (which I hate but understand comes from VZW and there's nothing you can do about it.) So here's the problem: I call and check my voicemail, then as soon as I hit delete or save I get an immediate vibe and up pops a 2nd text notification for a voicemail message.

    At first I thought I must have received a call/voicemail while I was checking an existing message but that is not what's happening. I don't actually have a new voicemail, I just get a 2nd text message notifying me of the original voicemail.

    I know it sounds weird and it's hard to explain but it's driving me crazy. Anyone seen this before?
    09-16-09 08:10 PM
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    Bump - anyone??
    10-06-09 03:53 PM
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    I have never had that issue and I don't get text notifications for missed calls. Being a former alltel account I do have spinvox which converts voice mail into text so I can just read said message instead of having to call voice mail although u can also listen to it there if I like. Have you tried hou ng to your call logs and changing your settings? Do this by call logs>options>call logging>none. Hope this helps.

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    10-06-09 04:55 PM