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    I have discovered that the Web WiFi traffic from my Bold is being proxied through RIM instead of going directly to its destination.

    There are two concerns with this behavior:

    1. Privacy
    2. Performance

    I ran snort on my laptop and monitored my IP traffic on my home WiFi network. I had the cellular antenna on my Bold turned off to guarantee that my Web access will be over my WiFi network.

    Through my Bold I went to the CBC News website (cbc.ca). Snort captured all the IP traffic with this connection, but when I did a "whois" on the destination IP address, it was not CBC, it was RIM. A sample of this output is below.

    Why is the Web traffic being proxied through RIM? And how can we bypass this setup?

    Now, I am sure there are those who would argue that this is a good thing. Never the less, we should have the right to send our Web access directly to its destination and not through RIM.

    The "" is my Bold and "" is RIM. Instead of RIM it should have been the CBC IP address.

    07/17-18:48:45.660003 ->
    07/17-18:48:45.660782 ->
    07/17-18:48:45.661562 ->
    07/17-18:48:45.681709 ->
    07/17-18:48:45.712493 ->
    07/17-18:48:45.735664 ->
    07-17-09 06:26 PM