1. ErikAtTheW's Avatar
    I have run into an issue that I'm hoping someone here can help with.
    On my BB when I try to navigate my work scheduling web site, the site needs to open a new window when I click certain options. Obviously this works fine on my computer, but not so on the BB. The function is not usable if a new window doesn't pop up. Any ideas?
    Also, in the same web page, I can select different pay periods by using a drop down menu, however on the BB, when I select the different pay period it doesn't refresh the screen to show the updated info.
    I know this is a bit difficult to convey without actually seeing it, but I'm hoping someone can help.


    BTW I'm using an 8350i with OS v4.6.1.83 if that matters
    01-07-09 09:02 AM