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    This is for web developers writing cross-browser CSS. Quirksmode has a support sheet for CSS selector support on mobile browsers, including BB6, BB7, Playbook, and BB10. Good to see!

    Specific browsers are listed at the bottom, here's the BB section:

    BlackBerry 6
    Default browser on BB Torch 9800 (OS6) (WebKit 534)

    BlackBerry 7
    Default browser on BB Torch 9810 (OS7) (WebKit 534)

    BlackBerry PB
    Default browser on PlayBook with OS 2.1.0 (WebKit 536)

    BlackBerry 10
    Default browser on Dev Alpha A device with OS 10.0.9 (WebKit 537)
    Note that the BB10 data is per the Dev Alpha A. Those in the know might contribute to the page author any differences...

    Overall, recent BB support is looking pretty good across the board! Gaps are few, and mostly in the pseudo-selectors section.

    CSS Selectors for mobile devices
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