1. stagger's Avatar
    Hey Everybody, Fairly new BB Curve "Addict" I mean User here LOL

    I had the Iphone 3G for 2 weeks "I know I have sinned", Like others say the novelty wear off and your left with a battery sucking, smugie, locking up daily, paper weight.

    So onto my question, The one thing the iphone does have superior is the web browser. I use the native browser, and I tried opera Mini on my curve 8310, but neither is all that impressive to me.

    Im still running 4.2 OS, I leaning towards the Vodafone Version for my At&T Curve 8310, but I dont want to brick it.

    Will the new 4.5 OS make the web pages look more like the BB Bold browser?
    I tried the bold in the store and with the larger screen, and 4.6 OS, the browser was pretty good, Just wondering what 4.5 will do with the browser, and will it display more like a Reg Computer like the Bold does?
    11-15-08 09:50 AM
  2. tech42er's Avatar
    4.5 is definitely better, not quite as good as the Bold, but MUCH better than 4.2.
    11-15-08 10:24 AM