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    Hello all,

    Im hoping to hear opinions and experiences, whats easier whats better....

    I have a 8330 Curve through VZW. My OS now is I want to upgrade to the 4.5 that VZW is offering. I've never upgraded the OS before so ive been reading everything I can find on the procedures in the forums.

    What are your thoughts on which is better. Web based or DM?
    Also can I upgrade web based even if I have DM downloaded on my PC? The Verizon site said under their web based upgrade, "recommended if you dont have DM downloaded on your PC"

    The DM route of an OS upgrade seems more complex and scarier than the web based route to me.

    I just want to do what not only will be easy but also the best and safest way. My BB is my only phone and my only connection to the people i love As im sure you all understand. I dont want to mess her up.
    03-24-09 12:32 PM