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    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share some stuf with you guys.
    First off, you should know that I live in Belgium where all Blackberry's are unlocked and not tied to cariers (it's actually illegal to do so here). On the downside, data plans are expensive (and so are the devices).

    In search for navigation software I tested 7 or 8 apps:
    • All blackberry apps use bis data (which I'd like to limit because of frequent trips to France and The Netherlands)
    • All apps seem to be fooled by the resolution you get on the bold, the angled windshield on my Peugeot 207 makes the distance between the car mount and the driver quite significant. Almost every application printed the next turn in a font that was too small. That's odd since I've seen no complaints by anyone using telenav (awfull) and garmin on the bold.

    I tried wayfinder and found that the screen on the bold is used way better! Navigation works perfect. Everything is very readable.
    Downside for me was that this application also uses the internet connection to get maps and route info. In their product they offer a web based route planner and a "maps to your mobile" software that actually puts maps on your SD Card!!! The app still uses the internet connection to get points of intrest and actual route, but the ability to preload the maps on your SD card reduces the data usage to 30-60 kb per hour of driving in 3D mode (according to their FAQ), avoiding large phone bills!

    In several posts I've read that the SD card is not accessible to 3rd party applications. I don't know if the application actually uses the preloaded maps on the blackberry, but if it does, that sounds like a huge break for navigation software on blackberry devices. Can someone confirm this? From my point of view there's no way to tell if the maps are just sitting on the SD card or getting used by the app...
    12-28-08 06:51 PM
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    I guess an easy way to find out if it is using the maps on the card would be to temporarily remove them and try navigating. If it doesn't show up with maps that would tell me that the maps are being used.
    12-28-08 07:07 PM
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    It actually wouldn't because it can work without preloaded maps, like telenav/Garmin do...
    12-28-08 07:13 PM
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    Do you have a way to monitor data usage? If so you could always try a trip with and the same trip without and see if there is a difference in data usage.
    12-28-08 07:21 PM
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    That's an interesting way of testing it.
    I've got no way to monitor the data at this time, but I can look for app somewhere that does that.

    I'll ask the question to their support staf too.

    thanks for your input!
    12-28-08 07:25 PM
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    just a follow up on this post:
    If you use wayfinder navigator on the bold and preload maps with maploader, it continues to work while being on the phone.
    This prooves it works considering I'm on an edge network!

    If you make a mistake, the app needs online data to plan a new route and fails to do so while talking on the phone.

    Very cool app for people on edge!

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    12-30-08 12:21 PM
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    12-28-12 10:32 AM