1. Gnome's Avatar
    Anyone using this software and if so what do you make of it. I tried the five day trial and it seemed good but wondered if there was anyone out there with more experience of it. I have been using Telmap Navigator but have grown tired of it; it is too clunky and slow. Also I thought that version 5 was imminent (there was some demo of it months back) but there is still no indication of a release. So I've decided to switch and am thinking wayfinder may be the way to go. Opinions?
    11-03-09 06:11 PM
  2. plagus's Avatar
    I have pretty much followed the same path as you Gnome, binned Telmap (and TeleNav fwiw) and tried Wayfinder. I particularly like the fact that you can buy your home country map for the annual subscription and them "add" a region for 1 month at a 1 off cost (it's about 12 or so).

    Wayfinder also offers the Tom Tom/Co Pilot style lane-changing technology which I really like. All in all a great Sat Nav app I think.
    11-17-09 11:19 AM