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    QNX For Cars definitely does NOT have an Android runtime. At all. It will host Android Auto (which was specifically designed to run on QNX, Linux, and Windows), but that is essentially an app, not an OS.

    Apple's Car Play is similarly an app, and can also run on top of QNX and other embedded OSs.

    None of that has anything directly to do with the Android OS, except that Android Auto is a slightly more sophisticated method of remotely accessing and controlling your phone. It isn't much more than screen mirroring, all the apps run on the phone itself and the car just displays the screen and allows control input to be passed on to the phone.

    I'm not sure why some folks imagine that they're going to figure out a way around Google's rules that Google's lawyers didn't foresee (with help from their engineers).

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    Even if they did.... Google would just change the rules. It's their "toys" they can do what they want, when they want.

    Just a lot of folks here still stuck in either denial, anger or bargaining....
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    03-11-16 08:12 AM
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    Sadly all too true... what saves Google is that they are not in the position of being a monopoly so governments are unlikely to get involved. Google needs Apple and vice versa. As long as there are two players don't expect actions like were taken against Microsoft and IE. It was the fact Microsoft was effectively a monopoly which allowed action to be taken.

    Face it, open and free Android died the day Google became the official app repository. Look back at comments made at the time by many insiders - they all predicted the death of Android as a free spirit.
    Actually what saves Google is that they learned from the whole Microsoft monopoly thing. They allow any other services to be pre-loaded on Android devices as long as theirs are as well. So any OEM can also use Microsoft services fro example on their devices. Samsung did just that with their new phones: they have Google Play and the whole google services packages, but they also have Microsoft services (OneNote, OneDrive etc).

    Because of this policy, no company can say: "our services are not getting visibiity because Google doesn't allow them to be pre-installed on the phone"
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    03-11-16 09:14 AM
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