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    I have had many Blackberry's. They have included the 7730, 9100, 8800, 8310.
    I graduated from the Curve to the 9700 which in my humble opinion, is the BEST BLACKBERRY EVER!!!!

    I was upgraded to a 9780 by T-Mobile. The 9780 was good. I liked my 5.0 9700 much better. At some point I downloaded a bunch of apps on my 9780 and it hummed along. I would get the annoying: "This page is too big and I'm gonna close it" every time I surfed.
    I expected it and got used to it. Somewhere along the way, my cursor would move all by itself. It would highlight and open apps and web pages all by itself. I read somewhere here that I should wipe it clean and reload the OS6 and see if that helped.

    I wiped it clean and reloaded OS6.

    The cursor kept moving all by itself. I accepted it as a quirk and I learned to live with it. If I kept my thumb on the track-pad it was bearable.

    FAST FORWARD to December 2011. I upgraded to a Torch 9810.


    I love my 9810. I really wanted a 9900 but settled on the 9810 when I realized it is a 9900 disguised as a slider Berry. I took advantage of the FREE 7.0 Apps that BlackBerry made available to 7.0 devices, in concert with my $100 worth of freebies from last year.

    Fast Forward to 3 weeks ago. I was getting the dreaded hourglass spinny, spins

    ALL. OF. THE. TIME. It got to where I started looking at.......gasp....an iPhone.....

    Then in desperation I read through various threads here and found a solution that could not hurt. I read to wipe the device clean and then load all of my apps one at a time to see if the hour glass, spinny spins started up and to note which app and then decide what to do. Well....I improvised and I deleted my newest apps from the most recent giveaway.....The spinny spins stopped.....Then I took a look at my really cool apps that I don't use. I wrestled with it and decided that no matter how much fun it was to have President Obama say funny things. "ISpeechObama" had to go. "Braincube" was too hard, so I pretended it was a big memory waster, so I hit "delete"....along with "Fixmo Tools", "Calorie Counter", "ColorID", "Advance OS and LED", "Battery Booster", "BlackBerry Travel". I deleted "iSpeech Dictation Pro" and "iSpeech Translator Pro" "Poynt", "Smoothie", "Yahoo Messenger" and "Twitter".

    Lo-and-behold! My BlackBerry Torch 9810 was running like the CERN SuperCollider! BLAZING FAST! BLINDING SPEEDS!

    Well on Tuesday, April 10, I was on "My World" on BB App World and I was looking at all of my deleted apps from my account. I saw "Wattpad" there. I had it on my 9780 and for some reason or another it never made the jump to my 9810. I liked it! I read a few e-books and short stories there. I wanted it. I decided to install it on my 9810. I did this as I was turning in for the night on Tuesday.

    Yesterday morning, Wednesday 11, I checked my Berry as I got out of bed, like I always do and my cursor was dancing all around my screen. It was moving all over the placeand apps and folders were being highlighted and opened. It was like reliving the days of my 9780. I then put two and two together and came up with WATTPAD BEING THE CULPRIT!

    I deleted it immediately, but not without a fight. I could not get the cursor to stop long enough to let me do anything. Then keeping my thumb on the track pad I managed to get where I needed to and be done with WATTPAD....

    I rebooted and my BlackBerry 9810 is back to its WARP SPEED LOVEABLE SELF....

    Coincidence? Wattpad is EVIL? Who knows.....
    04-13-12 12:52 AM
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    I still get random cursor movement and it jacks me off, if I'm replying to an email. any help or ideas please?
    02-20-13 10:17 AM