1. Tracy Daken's Avatar
    Just a heads up and a quick story. Now, I don't know their business practices, but I needed to share this so others won't get burned trying to get a z20.
    I ordered a Telus unlocked z30 from them (I just found the blackberry shop z30 after I already ordered.. <.<). Needless to say I got it. Supposedly
    brand new. I put in my Tmobile Sim card, and it popped up the MM#6. Phone was reported stolen or lost. They did work with me, and was going to
    send a replacement overnight. However, when they checked all their other Z30s, ALL of them were reported lost or stolen. So I gave up, asked for a
    refund and sent the useless paperweight of a Z30 back to them, and ordered one from Shopblackberry.
    Ordered that one 26 Mar, and already shipped as of 27 Mar. Either way, at least I know it won't be stolen....(I hope).

    To give a fair shake, I don't think it is as much Negri as it is the suppliers they choose. They were trying to fix the problem the entire time.
    They seem some decent peeps but not very business savvy concerning who they choose to get their product from.

    Just be wary, I hope no one else gets burned like this. Again, they said they will refund when they receive the phone back, (Here is hoping right?)

    I did get the chance to finally play with a Z30 and WOW! Very impressed. First thing, amazing sound and the screen quality is actually better than I expected.
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    03-28-14 08:55 AM
  2. Ecm's Avatar
    I think this belongs in the general BlackBerry discussion, for better exposure.
    03-28-14 09:01 AM
  3. kdklein's Avatar
    I've had good experiences with them.
    03-28-14 10:36 AM
  4. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Clearly not a Negri issue directly, that's a supplier issue. They got burned worse than you did. I know the now former owner and he's always offered a stand-up business.
    03-28-14 10:38 AM
  5. Tracy Daken's Avatar
    Yeah, they all seem like legit people. I had no problem communicating with them, and well, morale of the story is to remind them to verify the IMEI's before shipping just in case.

    You are always taking a risk when you get unlocked phones from 3rd party retailers.

    They handled it well, but their suppliers need a swift kick in the you know what. Haha.
    03-28-14 01:12 PM

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