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    I am 'diffused' and I am very confused. I have an 8330 and am w. Verizon
    I stumbled upon some mysterious folders in my email/ message folders. I have saved some pages from my browsing that go into my 'messages' folder. I open the folder, see the entry that has a globe next to it. When I highlight it as if to delete, and press menu, I have an option to 'file messages'. If I click on it, it brings up a new page that has a BROWSER MESSAGE FOLDER with sub folders entitled Browser Messages, Off line Queues and WAP Push Messages. I can scroll and click on them as if to file the message in them but it takes me right back to my saved browser message at the beginning. I cannot open or insert into these.
    Any ideas as to what they are for and why I cannot access them?
    The same thing will appear for SMS and MMS messages. Highlight the message with the slanted envelope, click on menu, and I can seemingly 'file messages' again. Select an SMS Folder and nothing happens. This is the oddest thing. Does anyone know what these are and why they do nothing??


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    11-06-08 11:32 PM
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    Funny i just discovered this toady as well. Hmm wonder what its for.
    11-17-08 03:22 PM