1. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    Some Apps Work For Me But Like Myspace, Facebook I Think It My Browser Aint Workin Right What Might Be The Problem Be
    12-06-08 07:26 PM
  2. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    It is a RIM issue right now...
    12-06-08 07:27 PM
  3. vndlewis's Avatar
    Rim is down. There are tons of threads about this.

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    12-06-08 07:28 PM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Can you define "ain't workin' right".
    12-06-08 07:28 PM
  5. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Can you define "ain't workin' right".
    Heh, i thought the same thing...
    12-06-08 07:29 PM
  6. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    Thanks I Dont Know How To Explain Its Jusy Aint Working Timedout Wont Display Page Slow
    12-06-08 07:47 PM
  7. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    A Communication Failure Has Occured , Facebook Wont Refresh, All Kinds Of Wired Things, Phone Works, Text Works, Im's Work Just Most Things With The Browser I Was Gonna Wipe It But I Dont Want To Lose 4.5
    12-06-08 07:51 PM
  8. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Yeah, wiping is not necessary for this. Just give a bit of time.
    12-06-08 08:30 PM
  9. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Patience is the name of the game when it comes to this...
    12-06-08 08:34 PM
  10. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    Ok thanks, has this happen before? how long does it last? and is there a reason it happens?
    12-06-08 08:34 PM
  11. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    They do server upgrades all the time, it's just that they normally do it at like 2 a.m. on a sunday when most are asleep...
    12-06-08 08:40 PM
  12. Mamaluka's Avatar
    The OP has something interesting going on with his text. Caps on every first letter of every word. Is this something caused by changing a setting?

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    12-07-08 01:16 AM
  13. coachcurtisbusse's Avatar
    I don't think I think I was just in a zone and did it bye mistake sorry

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    12-07-08 02:14 AM