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    I have searched the forums and cannot find an answer for this.

    I use pre paid services from my carrier and i had a bunch of minutes.. long story short, i realized i was chewing up my minutes because of the WAP service on my Blackberry. I already had paid and activated an internet service with said carrier precisely to use the internet and not use up my minutes.

    I hope i am clear enough..

    So i would like to know how on earth i can disable WAP services on my Bold.

    I have read that in the Service Book there are some things that can work, but i have not found anything specific. I see the word -WAP- in some of the options, but i do not want to mess anything up.


    EDIT: I am using OS 6. On OS 5 i would just go to Options/Advanced Options/Browser/Internet Explorer.. or something along those lines.
    02-22-11 06:13 PM
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    I am downgrading to OS5 because no one could answer my doubts.

    On OS5 i just check the box in the Browser Options and i don't get charged extra because of Wap.

    Oh well.. this sucks. I liked OS 6
    02-25-11 02:41 AM