1. nascarfan49's Avatar
    I have been thinking about upgrading BB, I have a 8130, but have been thinking about getting the curve. But with the BB coming to vzw soon, not sure if I should wait.

    I know I don't think I want a storm, so that leaves the curve right now, but when the tour comes out, is that replacing the curve?

    I don't want to switch to a phone that is being phased out or replaced
    So I am not sure what to do, maybe just stick with the pearl

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    06-02-09 10:43 AM
  2. Username5300's Avatar
    It is all personal preference as far as the dates are RIM is good at delaying the release dates. Maybe you should just get your curve and then update to the new moidels when they arrive.
    06-02-09 10:49 AM