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    Looking for Devs/Designers/coders with an Idea I have for a Chess App. Got a strong following and we play our tournaments using a different App while playing our games on Chess with Friends. So obviously I would like that incorporated into one App. Second I would love to be able to stream games to social media, this way we can watch each other play. I would love to have my achievement badges that I made for the players to automatically be in the app. players wins games gets points depending on the Move Count it took them to achieve checkmate. All these points are tracked on a leader board that I also would like to add in the app because I am doing all this on a piece of paper then typing onto Facebook. The players play each other not only in tournament games but Head 2 Head matches as well. I would like the players to be able to spend there hard earned points on bonus Cards that would help them get more points for their wins. Basically the more active you are the more you win the more points you get. Right now we have a point structure that I made and we go by. 25-1000 points, at 25 the player receives the Class A title, its broken up with many more badges along the way, 1000 being the GrandMaster title.

    Now this is where it gets a little tricky. I already have it set up that if a player doesnt qualify for any tournament we host, they can spend there points to enter and play. BUT if they have no points then they have to acquire some by playing games. I would love to add a feature that the players can spend real money for bonus Cards and to buy bonus points to enter in tournaments. sometimes we dont have the time to hurry up and play games to get points.

    Bonus Cards- Cards that a player can buy with points (like action cards) that give the player double or triple points for wins but expire when used.

    would like to add a different and creative games with chess that players would play against each other and attain more points. for example I would love to add a feature to play a game without there queens. of course winner receives "X" amount of points for this accomplishment but also receives (whatever I decide to call it) Killer Queen badge.

    Would like to set up player profiles so the players can show off there achievements, tournaments won, Head 2 Head matches won and a option so there friends can follow them like fans. they will get a notification when the players match goes live on social media.

    must also have an option of building a community in the app. this way we can wage war against other communities that share the same app.

    I am very much excited about this idea, I have been doing this already without the social media and fans option. So if anybody is interested in knowing more please let me know. and any help is very much needed.
    08-22-16 05:46 PM

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