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    I think it would be great to have a BB media player that would work with bridge and have a 4-5 inch screen.

    06-14-12 12:56 PM
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    Apple is the only company who has actually been able to pull that off with the iPod Touch. The Galaxy Player hasn't sold well at all. I think RIM should stick to phones.
    06-14-12 01:12 PM
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    "Gateway drug" for BB10. A $150 device that runs BB10 apps AND has BBM and the famous flashing LED notification for WiFi-only connectivity would rock! One with a PlayBook LTE could use this as a remote controller for the PlayBook in a similar manner that BB handhelds are used, and leverage it's LTE connectivity. Give it NFC can it could be in some ways the "Drone" for a PlayBook that's tucked away in a briefcase. Even more useful as a companion to a 10" PlayBook.

    I think there's a market for a media player that runs Flash, with a high DPI screen, about 4" diagonal, with SD card for expansion... there WILL be cool apps EXCLUSIVE to BB10, and having a device that people can pick up to use with it will support the BB10 software ecosystem.

    For all the same reasons that the iPod Touch exists, a BB10-based media player should exist. If it had BBM that runs under WiFi, it would sell like HOTCAKES especially overseas.

    THAT would be a device I'd like to see manufactured by a BB10 licensee. With TRUE BB10 multitasking? It would be incredible. I think if these were sold in the $150 range, BlackBerry fans would be gifting them to family members so they'd all have BBM without expensive cell-phone data plans.

    I really don't think anything anyone could say would dissuade me that this is a great idea, so no need to try :-P
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    08-15-12 09:22 AM