1. rprune's Avatar
    I have a fairly new bold and seems to be taking longer to up load anything more often recently . I mention it to my son that I was going to take it back to get it check out and he mentioned his old 8350 is doing the same. 2 different carriers . Anyone else findind the same problem . Phone has most recent update .
    12-13-11 05:56 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Which Bold do you have, 9900 or one of the older models?

    Which carrier do you have, and which carrier is your device branded to?

    What signal do you have: EDGE, 3G?

    The 8350i will be much slower, since it uses the iDEN network, iDEN is pretty much like the dial-up of wireless. Data speeds on iDEN will be slow, unless using WiFi. Using the mobile network, it would be similar to the slowness of dial-up Internet vs broadband Internet.
    12-13-11 10:09 AM
  3. rprune's Avatar
    I have a 9780 , might be 6+ months old , speaker went on it once already and going again . I'm on the Bell network with a 3g phone .
    12-13-11 05:34 PM