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    so the trackball on my 8900 stopped working on friday. i keep the ball clean, so i'm not sure what happened to make it stop working, but it would scroll just fine, only i couldn't 'click' on anything. if this has happened to anyone else out there, you'll know how useless it makes one's bb when this happens.

    i went thru all the fixes and nothing worked, so i had to go to t-mo and get a replacement sent out. i paid for express but it won't be here til weds most likely...which seems pretty slow to me for ups. i'm on a razr til it gets here. whoa, it's like taking a huge step into the dark ages. wow.

    i don't know why they/t-mo doesn't adopt a better way to do swaps on broken handsets. i mean, obviously they'd have to stock them in some kind of quantity, but it seems like it'd make sense to have this available in at least some of the larger metro cities. denver is not far from me and i would've been very content to drive south to pick up a functional replacement rather than wait til wednesday and use a replacement/loaner that is nowhere near what i need as far as functionality goes.

    back when i was with nextel for years, they had a center in austin where i was able to go for replacements on my handsets when there was a need for a swap. *shrug* i thought offering that kind of service was a good thing and it did make life more convenient, that's for sure.
    07-20-09 12:39 PM
  2. CatAlex's Avatar
    well, the replacement came today and i'm so happy. my backups were done correctly this time, thanks to all the tutorials people have offered here on CB. so i didn't lose anything this time.
    07-22-09 01:59 PM