1. Oj467's Avatar
    Is there a way for me to enable wireless data between my VZW 8330 Curve and my Tom Tom 730T gps so the Tom Tom can access some wireless services Tom Tom offers? I'm stumped - all the "built in" choices on the Tom Tom are only for 8310's and most every other cell carrier but VZW.

    12-10-08 01:11 PM
  2. UncleMike's Avatar
    I have my Verizon Curve working with my TomTom 920. Here's a link to a TomTom Forums post detailing how to do it.

    This gives the step-by-step responses, but mine is setup with the Access Point, User Name, and Password BLANK. This info really isn't needed as it is provided in the programming of your phone. The only parameter I specified was the dial string of #777.
    12-10-08 07:58 PM
  3. Oj467's Avatar
    Unclemike - so are you paying both the Blackberry data fee as well as the tethering fee each month?

    VZW told me it would an additional $30/month for tethering - and since I'd only use that feature with my Tom Tom I'm having a hard time justifying that expense.
    12-10-08 10:14 PM
  4. xholmezx78's Avatar
    Well technically yes you can tether your BB to your TomTom, but there is a catch. VZW will require you to pay $30/month for tethering, or you can it up with out tethering, which is against VZW policies, and they will charge you $0.25/MB or if caught may terminate your account. This part really sucks, cuz TomTom is not going to pull much data at all, but the way it is designed to connect to your phone is tethering.
    Another way you can justify this tethering for $30/month is to use your BB as a modem for your computer as well. Doesnt matter where you may travel, you can use that tethering for your PC as well.
    12-11-08 01:25 PM