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    Google: "Squawk Box Apple vs Blackberry bracket" on Friday 4/5

    Vote tomorrow for Blackberry! Anyone can vote.

    This is CNBC's financial take on a March Madness bracket. Anyone can vote on which stock will have the best gains from Q2 to the end of the year?

    CNBC is a frequent platform for the pro-Apple, Blackberry must die basher squad. When Blackberry faced off against Facebook today. The analyst that was supposed to be representing Blackberry started his position off with, "Vote for Apple tomorrow" and that was about all he had to say about Blackberry.

    I'd like to think that CNBC would melt into the ground if Blackberry could pull off a win tomorrow. But I'll settle for a slap in the face to the network.

    Vote tomorrow for Blackberry!
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    04-04-13 04:55 PM
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    lol every round (Nokia, IBM, Facebook) had 2 anti blackberry analysts saying the company is doomed. and every round BlackBerry has won and made them look like fools. one more round left either tomorrow or monday. hope we'll win.
    04-04-13 07:55 PM
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    Someone should make a reply for them. We can all tweet it to them.

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    04-05-13 07:47 AM
  4. Zirak's Avatar
    It looks like the numbers are speaking way louder than any biased analyst.

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    04-05-13 06:33 PM
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    CNBC : cartoon network for business community


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    04-05-13 08:31 PM

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