1. adriana82's Avatar
    Is there anything I can do/add to the personal greeting feature where it will NOT play that lady that says at the end "please leave mssg after beep" after my own recording is done?

    I had an iphone and it did this perfectly. Now switched to blackberry since I run a business and it functions better for what I need it for. Only thing is when someone calls (a client) I do not want them to think they are calling a cell phone, instead I want them to think they are calling a normal landline phone.

    I recorded my own personal greeting but it still adds its own recording at the end. I need that off, any feedback will be much appreciated.
    11-22-09 09:19 PM
  2. rbrooks86's Avatar
    Im not sure if this works the same for your carrier but it works on Sprint. When in your voicemail, go to administrative options or settings. Then go to greetings. On Sprint you then have choices to change your greeting, your name, or that recorded message. When you pick that last option it allows you to turn it on or off.

    I agree with you, that company recorded message playing after your personal message is a pain and not needed. Hope your carrier has the same options.
    11-22-09 11:39 PM
  3. frenchy99's Avatar
    The only carrier I know of that can do that is Verizon. ATT will always have that lady speaking. I have tried several times to figure it out when i was with them and finally called they told it cannot be done.
    11-23-09 12:12 AM
  4. rockerdon's Avatar
    Anybody with google voice, will gv do this? I know you can change your vmail settings to use gv for voicemail. I have a google voice account, but haven't played with it enough.

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    11-23-09 07:49 AM
  5. fjerske's Avatar
    I use gv for my vm and it will work like you want. Plus you can still have call forwared to the same phone with no problems.

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    11-23-09 08:04 AM
  6. adriana82's Avatar
    Thanks for the help, but last night I got it solved. I got the YouMail app and am now using that. It does exactly what I wanted it to do which is play MY recording only.
    Thanks for telling me about google vm, im sure their app is good too, but ive already got the youmail and plan to stick with it....
    11-23-09 01:49 PM
  7. LoveAtFirstBerry's Avatar
    im the opposite i want the recording to just say my number and that be the end of it, but it won't
    11-23-09 01:53 PM