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    RIM talks BB10: New features, new phones and a new app record
    BB10 is coming very soon. The next-generation BlackBerry 10 platform and phones from RIM are set to take centre stage at the official launch on January 30th, but what should you expect? And how has manufacturer RIM ensured that BB10 can hit the ground running? We’ve secured an exclusive talk with Bob El-Hawary, Senior Director of Channel Accounts at RIM to learn more, and to prise some new information out ahead of launch…


    “2013 is a big year for us,” Bob says, rounding off our chat. “What we’re most excited about is bringing BlackBerry 10 devices to new and existing customers.” That works out nicely, because we’re pretty excited about getting our hands on them.
    (and I stop flooding, not my fault if there's an avalanche of good news !)
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