1. JWoof's Avatar
    So I just downloaded the VNC app from Blackberry app world and so far it does ok. I got it to work over wifi but I don't know the settings to enter so that I can use it over my cellular connection. Can anybody break it down for me?

    I am new here and I looked around the forums and found a couple threads about VNC but none that could answer my question. So far my storm 2 does alright, it's a huge upgrade from my Alltel Razr but definitely not the best. Any news about when there might be a new BB browser or OS update? I'll probably get slammed for this but the iPhone is my first choice AT&T doesn't have service in my area or anywhere 100 miles from where I live. But I think I like my BB more than I would a droid.

    Also does anybody use Opera? Definitely my browser of choice it is way faster than the BB browser but the scrolling is so laggy and catchy! If I could have the speed of Opera with the scrolling of the BB browser that would put me over the edge! Do you know any settings or something to make Opera less laggy? Right now I am using Opera mini 5 beta 2.

    02-13-10 11:55 AM
  2. BradJ81's Avatar
    I would like to know the same! I can get it to work over wiFi but not over my data plan connection!
    03-14-10 10:24 PM