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    Hi all - don't know if this has been addressed before, or if it's even on the radar for anyone but myself. I came into the BlackBerry family with the original Storm, and then moved to the Pearl 3g (with a brief return to my Storm when my Pearl needed a quick repair). One of the things I love about the Pearl - which has also been available with the Storm (unsure if this is true for other touchscreen models) - is the virtual condensed qwerty keyboard. Combined with Suretype, it's fantastic!
    I've been looking in Appworld to see if any developers had come up with a virtual keyboard that combines all variations, but haven't seen anything so far. Maybe it's completely unnecessary, but I know I'll miss the condensed qwerty when I make the inevitable move to a new BB10 in the future. Anyone care to set me straight? Would anyone welcome an App like this? I can't make it happen myself as I'm not a developer, just curious...
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    03-04-12 08:31 PM
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    As I obviously don't know about the BB10 phone and what it will offer, I can only talk about what they currently have and thats the 9850/60 which they have included the option to do that surepress keyboard.

    I would hope that just like with the OS 7 phones they would acknowledge that its a popular option for people, and would continue to offer it.
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    03-04-12 08:39 PM