1. anon(2947110)'s Avatar
    Ok so i just want to know, How do you put a video on repeat? It used to work on my 9700 so im pretty sure it should work with my 8900. The actual loop/repeat icon & shuffle icon is visible but not clickable. Ive searched around and some people say to follow these steps:

    1. media folder
    2. explore
    3. media card
    4. blackberry
    5. videos
    6. menu button: play all in folder

    I followed those steps and when i came to step 6, these were my only options:

    -Play All
    -Play Folder

    I tried each one of those but still could not select the loop/repeat icon. So now im wondering maybe its not working because im using OS .822? Could that be the reason? If you are using .822 and you can put your videos on repeat please let me know how too, thank you.
    10-10-10 02:24 AM