1. josaki's Avatar
    Found this video. Don't know if it has been posted here.
    Will BlackBerry 10 Turn Research in Motion Around? | Fox Business Video

    Interesting to see how much bull**** will be called in a few months.
    12-21-12 07:11 AM
  2. anon(4018671)'s Avatar
    lol terrible video, that guy is a joke. I really liked the fact that he starts saying consumers decide now what to buy and HE goes on to state it will be extremely difficult for RIM to get lost customers back. So he's the one telling people what to buy now? He's a joke.
    12-21-12 07:34 AM
  3. playbookster's Avatar
    Well they are all carrying Blackberrys still
    12-21-12 08:01 AM
  4. GTiLeo's Avatar
    Well they are all carrying Blackberrys still

    go figure right

    but he could be right BB10 is hit or miss, from what we've seen it will be awesome but will people pull their head out of their shell long enough to give it a chance is the real big question, but like misek stated in another CNBC interview tehre are other things RIM can do an become a smaller player.

    i personally see RIM with a successful launch just becasue it has so many loyal customers and so many lookign forward to the release of BB10 and the competing device brought out by RIM, this alone will hold RIM off until they can release some big time hardware to throw at the market like th Aristo and lower end devices liek the curve for those lookign for a budget BB10.

    all i wiull tell you is i don't think RIM is going anywhere and the BlackBerry brand still holds itself a float, i have loved every one of my BBs even though i dropped my 8500 and went back to an 8900, solid built phones and have taken the beatings i've thrown at them and some and my 9900 is smoother now then the day i bought it, true story, RIMs latest 7.1 updates have been great and i await january 30th to see what RIM has up its sleeve and when i can by my all touch BB10
    12-21-12 08:29 AM

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