1. 90mugenef's Avatar
    can anyone tell me where to go on my phone to turn on the vibrate and ring?? thanks
    02-25-09 01:37 PM
  2. bx2md's Avatar
    thats an app u need so it can do both (download it ota)
    02-25-09 01:39 PM
  3. Username0223's Avatar
    Hey 90 From your home screen go to the profile icon (speaker) click on it>advance opts>scroll to ur profile & edit>phone. Make sure u save wen ur done by hittin bak button(arrow one). Your phone w/vibe first then ring. Good luck

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    02-25-09 01:41 PM
  4. Tremortality's Avatar
    To use the standard vibrate or ring or vibrate then ring built into the phone go to profiles>advanced>select your profile you want to edit>and edit accordingly (SMS/MMS/Phone) Once you get there its self explanatory

    If you are looking to make it vibe.ring at the same time however take a look at vibe/ring available in the crackberry store.
    02-25-09 01:43 PM
  5. Username0223's Avatar
    Oops sorry thought 90 needed help to set the vibe/ring feature on phone!

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    02-25-09 01:43 PM
  6. leo1037's Avatar
    If you have the VibandRing app, then set your ring tone in Profiles to "Tone" and it will vibe and ring at the same time.

    If you're just looking to set your phone to vibrate and then ring, as mentioned above you update in your Profiles.
    02-25-09 09:02 PM
  7. xliderider's Avatar
    BuzzMe is free, VibAndRing is pay. Both work, your choice

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    02-25-09 10:22 PM