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    I am a very new Blackberry user but I am on it 24/7 and I believe my status hit abuser when I opened the box! I was just wondering...

    1. How do I download ringtones and ringbacks from Get It Now? (I have Verizon)
    2. How do I remove icons from the main screen and add new ones?
    3. How do I add a signature that goes on all of my text messages and emails?
    4. Can I seperate Email and Text message icons on the main screen so that there is one icon for email and a different one for text messages?
    5. How do I download songs on VZW Music?
    6. How do I remove Sent From My Blackberry on emails?
    7. How can I get an app for checking my stocks?
    8. Does it cost money every month to have a Yahoo! BIS email?
    9. How do I turn off the LED blinking light?
    10. Can anyone post a screenshot of the icons of the VZW theme that comes with the phone?

    Thanks, I know its alot of questions, sorry for that!
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    Ok can't really help with any of the questions that have to do with ?erizon cause I'm on Tmobile

    #2- wheb you're in the application screen click the menu button while you have the app selected. Move the app then click the trackball to drop it. Depending on what theme you have will decide how many icons you can put on the main screen

    For #3&6 I went on the tmobile website and changed my email sigs under the email tab. Verizon prob has the same thin on their site

    For #4 there are choices under the options. I can't remember exactly what the option says but it gives you an option to keep both separate.

    Hope this helps & welcome to crackberry!

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    1. Get it Now is not compatible with BB.
    8. No if you have the $30 BB data plan you are all set.
    9. The green flashing LED? http://crackberry.com/blackberry-101...kberry-how-tos
    12-01-08 06:32 PM
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    3 and 6 can be done in the same place ...

    Options > Setup > Email Setup > Login > Select an email account > Scroll down the settings to the Signature box.

    12-01-08 07:02 PM
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    #7 you should go to mobile.blackberry.com and get the pocket express app. Its free and has not only stocks but weather, movie showtimes, and more

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    Bump on the get it now? how can I get ringtones and music on my bb?
    12-02-08 04:46 PM
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    hi! congrats on your BB
    The get it now and vcast services is not compatible with Blackberry.
    you can get ringtones from many sources fee (including from here on crackberry)
    you can also use your own music and use audacity ( music cutting software) to cut sections out and use them as ringtones
    you can sync over music and cut ringtones along with other media to your device using the blackberry desktop manager, you should have recieved a cd with your device or you can download from BlackBerry® Software Updates

    as far as taking off the sent from blackberry? you can do that from the BIS site. verizons is located at BlackBerry Internet Service

    you probably set up the username and password from your device when you set up your email. if you arent cal in to tech support and get it reset. hope this help
    12-02-08 06:25 PM