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    With a Heavy heart and almost 10 years and 6 BlackBerry devices: Curve 8300-Bold 9000 x2- Bold 9700-Torch 9800-Z10

    It looks like I will be leaving the BlackBerry fold and jumping to an inferior / superior device, most likely Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it comes out later next month.

    I was hoping for a Z50 or something along the lines of a BlackBerry Phablet but looks like nothing in the near or distant future are in the plans.

    I will very much miss the Hub and amazing predictive keyboard.

    Who knows what the future holds I might be or otherwise might not be back!

    However right now the Passport doesn't do it for me and nothing else that BlackBerry is offering or plans to offer in the near future us appealing to me and I don't plan on waiting another year or two for something suitable!

    Sorry BlackBerry and Crackberry community, but it's been a good ride while it lasted!!

    Take Care and Good Luck to all!

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    08-27-14 12:06 AM
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    There is a pretty solid rumour that an all-touch device will come in BBRY's fiscal quarter of March-May 2015. Hopefully at the beginning of that quarter!

    Please feel free to post here in this thread for your type of post:

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    08-27-14 12:12 AM

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