1. thegame69's Avatar
    Ok so I'm confused...how do I know of I'm using verizons network or my
    Wifi? I go to browser configuration and it says internet browser or hot spot
    Than if I go to general configuration it gives me the same two options
    Which one do I set for each one or what? I just want to make sure that when I'm using my wifi I'm using the right browser...do I have to change
    Those settings everytime or what? Any help will be appreciated...I tried
    Looking on here but could not find any info...thanks in advance guys!

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    11-15-09 06:53 PM
  2. Mike_21's Avatar
    When using the browser it will say either WIFI or 3G. Also if the WIFI is white on the home screen you should be using WIFI.
    11-15-09 06:54 PM
  3. silenttt123's Avatar
    You can also go to manage connections, and hit Services status and it will tell you if it is using Mobile Network for Blackberry Internet Service, or WiFi.
    11-15-09 07:27 PM
  4. johnnymac's Avatar
    Bottom line - don't look to the browser options for your connections.

    From the main home screen - (the default home screen) do this:

    Press the upper right corner, where it shows the signal strength. You'll then see a small window open, with check boxes at the top for
    - Mobile Network
    - WiFi
    - Bluetooth

    and then other settings down below those check boxes.

    You can turn WiFi on and off from there. Don't worry about the browser options - they're smart enough on their own.

    This main connections window is the main place you'll go to turn off/on WiFi, set up networks, turn off the phone network when on a plane, etc. Get familiar with it.
    11-15-09 07:48 PM