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    I opened a Verizon account on July 6th the last day for joining Verizon and getting unlimited data.

    On that day I asked the Verizon Store manager....since i was buying a 4g phone (droid charge) if i returned the phone within 14 day trial period...and got another phone that wasn't 4g....if i would still keep unlimited data.

    He told me (on July 6th) that I would be fine if i returned the 4g capable phone and got a 3g phone....as long as it WASN'T a blackberry.

    He said the data plan on Blackberries have a different SKU number in their systeym.....so if i got a blackberry....and the future went to another phone...i would more than likely loose the unlimited data.

    Please....can someone confirm if this is true or not?
    08-14-11 02:05 AM
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    I don't know for shore if is true or not what he says but one thing is for shore, BlackBerry data is treated Differently BIS.
    So in that case Provider have a totally different System for BlackBerry and they can or cannot give you unlimited Data(depends if they have plans for BB) but it can Give you more then enough for your BlackBerry, as know this devices compress data so good 30Mb of data on other platforms is 10mb on BlackBerry.

    But the store Manager Should Know this and should give you at leas a good deal. you are still in you 14day they should change it.

    I was in your situation as well Coming from Iphone4 to BlackBerry Torch and they change it with no problem the only thing i had to pay extra was activation Fee for transferring devices and Data to a BlackBerry plan.
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    08-14-11 02:47 AM
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    I still have sprint plan...so i am thinking of getting bold 9930 on sprint...and droid bionic 4g on verizon...i get 20+mbs download on verizon 4g...so i don't want to risk losing unlimited data
    08-14-11 03:03 AM