1. LuUkizZ's Avatar
    Ok, so we just got this sent to us. Only reason I'm posting this is because it clarifies the wifi issue and mentions CB. LOL, vzw must have gotten a TON of calls on this CB is god though when it comes to spreading the word

    11-03-09 09:16 PM
  2. The Antagonist's Avatar
    Is a Prosumer the opposite of a Consumer?
    11-03-09 09:18 PM
  3. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    I just tried this.. hopefully it works :-/
    11-03-09 09:20 PM
  4. brandonx1000's Avatar
    i read that the other day in our systems

    i laughed a little
    11-03-09 09:25 PM
  5. djackson02's Avatar
    Yau. Comhtays CB for the shout out

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    11-03-09 09:26 PM