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    OK, This is an issue that has been beat to death, however I was at the local Verizon store and asked the tech about the possibility of Verizon allowing 3rd party apps to access GPS. He said probably never, BUT, he said unofficially there is software out there that can get around this. He grabbed his personal phone, kicked off Google maps and it came up using the internal GPS, No GPS puck. It wasn't the "your location within 2200 meters", it was accurate to within a few meters, exactly like when I use my GPS puck. He couldn't tell me anything else but to do a Google search. (His supervisor walked up before I could get any more info from him).

    Does anybody know of or have heard of this work around? I've searched for hours and continue to look with no success.
    Whatever I do find, I'll be sure to update the group.

    EDIT* I didn't look for a puck at the time, maybe I should have. Needless to say, I'll be back up there within the next two days or so and try to get an answer out of him.
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    So inside the buidling he got a GPS lock, it's not that easy to get a lock on GPS while in a building.

    He could be running a OS that isn't out yet too.

    Why not go back up there and ask him again about it.
    11-17-08 11:45 AM
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    I am quite surprised that I am beating Civic to this but; I call bull on this....
    11-17-08 12:04 PM
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    Well, I would call BS too if I didn't see it for myself.

    The tech desk was by the side of the bldg, so I don't think that getting a signal was impossible.

    I'll make a run up there and try to ask the fella again just how he did it.

    Maybe he was pulling my leg and had a puck somewhere that I didn't see, I don't know. All I can say is what I had seen at the time.
    11-17-08 12:12 PM
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    If this is so and you find out what he is using you will be Da MAN!!!
    11-17-08 12:57 PM
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    Well, Lets wait and see what I do get, hopefully not a mouthfull of my own foot.
    11-17-08 01:01 PM
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    Well, Lets wait and see what I do get, hopefully not a mouthfull of my own foot.
    lol I am hopeful, but I'm sure something that bypassed Verizon's GPS lock would have been all over this board.
    11-17-08 01:11 PM
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    Well you would be the man if you found this out. I know I would be forever grateful.
    11-17-08 02:49 PM
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    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here. Been lurking a couple of months and this site is fantastic!

    I recently called in to VZW technical support and the guy on the phone told me something similar to the OP. He said that all he could say was to check crackberry.com and that there was a way. He said that it took a little work, but he was able to get the GPS activated on his phone. Now I've been searching for the last few days and haven't found anything. Is there a thread that mentions something about this or was he just pulling my chain to get me off the phone? Maybe VZW employees are all in on it to get us to stop asking, but he sounded pretty convincing that there is a way.

    I've been looking at the files in the loader files folder and I'm thinking that if there is a way to get the themes from other carriers, there must be a code in those files that will enable the gps. What do you guys think?
    11-17-08 07:29 PM
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    I think that if it were possible, it would have been on this board a while ago. However, it could be possible....but they key word is "could" and who knows if anyone can figure it out!
    11-18-08 06:52 AM
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    Find out already!

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    11-18-08 10:10 AM
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    Can u go back to the store and ask the guy for more info?

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    11-18-08 01:09 PM
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    This is dead I guess...another dream goes pop

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    11-21-08 09:07 AM
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    I am also interested in this.
    11-21-08 03:16 PM
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    Phantom Program Was Loved By Everyone
    11-22-08 11:51 PM
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    There have been a few people who were running OS 4.3 or later and subscribed to VZNav that reported being able to put VZNav in "Follow-me Mode" and use Google maps. While no one is disputing their results, they have not been widely duplicated. It's possible that the sales person in the original post was using VZNav in that mode.

    For more info on this work around, see this long thread: http://forums.crackberry.com/f61/gps...0-update-1279/
    11-23-08 12:12 AM