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    I have uSirius setup and it works fine. The only problem is that whenever I receive a new mail, SMS message or a celandar reminder displays on my Blackberry my 8330; Orb stops streaming my sirius stream and I have to restart the whole process over again. Can someone please tell me why this is happening. I have tried everything and have given up hope.
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    07-13-09 04:54 PM
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    What happens when it stops? Does it allow you to go back to the feed and restart? It shouldnt be stopping like that, I get notification that theres something new then it continues the feed.
    07-13-09 05:01 PM
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    It lets me go back to the feed but then I get the error message that file type is un supported and then I have to go back to the link on ORB for the channel I was listening to and start over. Any ideas?
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    No, not really. The setup your using with usirius and orb is kinda shakey. Most of the time it works. I will say this though, make sure your shutting down the orbcaster on your pc nightly. Seems to work better if the cast is started once a day as compared to running for days on end.
    07-13-09 07:12 PM
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    My PC is rebooted every night. Is there a setting on the Blackberry that would inturrupt the playing once you receive an email, SMS or calendar update? I don't know what else to look for. There is really nothing that gets installed that can be reinstalled.Any ideas?
    07-13-09 07:58 PM
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    What I do is I dont answer the new email or message for a minute. I let it go through its notifications prcess then hold alt and hit the back key. This leaves the browser open awhile you go to other apps. Give that a shot.
    07-13-09 08:14 PM
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    As soon as an email or something new appears the streaming stops immediately. So I don't even have that option.
    07-13-09 08:36 PM