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    Hi- so I am currently traveling abroad and I've run into a problem. I live in the states and have At&t but decided not to buy the international plan, instead buying local sim cards to make phone calls. My device (9700) is unlocked but my issue is that before I inserted the local sim card I was able to use wifi to send/recieve emails and bbm along with internet access. Now after I have used a local sim (MTN-Uganda) when I reinsert the At&t sim it does not register with the BlackBerry service so I can only surf the internet. I do not get bbms or emails. Is there any way to make it register again so I can send bbms? You should know that my At&t plan blocks other service towers so I can only make calls on At&t (because I live near canada and roaming charges were a issue). Also, I have tried battery pulls and soft resets (alt + shift + del). Thanks for your help!

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    06-27-11 08:18 AM
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    Did you used BBM and BIS services with the other sim card?
    it sound like a service book issue... did you updated the service book after changing the sim cards? if so you should get the AT&T service book for your Blackberry 9700 to work with the BIS and your AT&T sim.
    06-27-11 09:50 AM
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    they should make a phone that can hold two sim cards. just a thought!
    06-28-11 12:50 AM
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    Ok thanks for the help, here's what I did. First I went to att.com and changed my features to allow international roaming. Then I went to the At&t bis website and resent my service books, finally on my device with the At&t sim card in I reregistered the host routing table. I had to allow data when roaming (I am not sure what the charges will be, but hopefully not too much because I turned off the radio as soon as it connected). I hope this helps any other travelers.

    I also agree that RIM should definitely have a 2 sim card phone.

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    06-28-11 02:15 PM