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    What if u have two cell numbers and u don't carry both of them together everywhere??
    well now u can use two cell numbers on a single bb10 handset running the latest OS 11110.2.1.xxxx.
    All u have to do is download a whatsapp application from any android store.Remembe,this has to be ur second app and for the sim which is not in the hhandset.
    Ur primary whatsapp number will be that which is currently in ur hhandset.
    After u download the android whatsapp version,run the app,enter ur other cell number and confirm it.
    Then the whatsapp server will check for an incoming sms.Dont worry,just wait for 5 minutes.After sms confirmation failure,the server will ask for a permission to call ur number,just say YES...hear the 6 digit number on the other handset and number,,,and enter it on ur whatsapp android version.
    Bingo,now u have two whatsapp,in a single handset without a physical second sim in ur handset...!
    U can download any app from Snap or droidstore or any apk downloading website(android version) and run both ur BlackBerry store app and the android store app with different credentials.
    Facebook,wechat,telegram or whatever...just double ur power with less baggage to carry...!!

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    04-01-14 02:18 AM
  2. Magnetic_dud's Avatar
    The problem of using an unofficial android app is that you won't get push notifications for incoming messages if the app is closed

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    04-01-14 02:38 AM

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