1. vknong85's Avatar
    Hi all, I'll be off to Canada for 10 days holiday on Monday. Pretty excited as I've never been before.

    I currently have a BB Bold 9900 on O2 UK, and here in the UK we can simply buy a Pay As You Go Prepaid SIM card with some credit (ie. 10) and then call up the network operator to activate a 5 plan. That subtracts from your current credit and then gives you 500MB of internet as well as Blackberry Internet Service for your BBM, e-mails etc.. for 30 days.

    Is there something similar in Canada bearing in mind I'm only there for 10 days? I want to continue using BBM and receiving e-mails on the go, but also the ability to browse and use Facebook and my IM applications when I want. I've already spoken to O2 UK and they said it would cost me 6 per MB!

    Or should I just leave my BB at home?

    Any help is much appreciated. Regards.
    10-07-11 12:41 PM
  2. CanuckSoldier's Avatar
    Take a look at this thread here Canadian pay as you go / prepaid SIM cards for travellers | Peter's Useful Crap It seems Rogers/Fido is your best bet for a prepaid SIM card, of course make sure you get a BB data plan not just a normal one or things like BBM will not work. And I hope you have a good time in my country

    10-07-11 01:00 PM
  3. Aybesea's Avatar
    I was in Canada in 2005,Toronto and Vineland area.I switched my phone on and got a signal,i was with UK orange but the Orange World home page ended up in french and stayed like that even when i got back to UK.
    However Virgin were making headway into Canada at the time so might be useful to look on there Canadian website.
    Of course Canada being a huge country it might depend which area you are going to.
    10-08-11 07:33 PM