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    Don't flame me if this has been answered before. Im still new to the whole BB scene love my storm to death now that I hav upgraded to .113. I am wondering if any one else uses their phone as a modem?? I have Verizon and have the 29.99 data plan. My question is if I use the phone as a modem will it incur more on my monthly bill or will it eat away at my airtime minutes, or will it not cost me anything ?? Can some please fill me in. My older sister uses it and said that it cost her 30.00 dollars more a month but I don't see how thats possible. If you could either pm me or hit me up when you get a chance. Thanks
    04-18-09 01:42 AM
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    04-18-09 02:21 AM
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    If you use your phone as a modem with out a thether plan you will be charged per data used, so that will could add up very fast.

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    04-18-09 03:04 AM
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    VZW does offer a add on package that allows you to use your phone as a modem. I believe that it is an additional $15.00 a month. There are several ways to do it yourself but if you use a large amount of data, Verizon may hit you with overage fee's. there are ways they can tell if its normal phone use or modem usage.
    04-18-09 03:08 AM
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    Check out the verizon forums for a thread called "omg help!" a guy tethered without a plan, Verizon got wind of this and now he has like a $3000 bill. Eep.

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    04-18-09 07:50 AM