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    I am working overseas for a few weeks and brought my BB Curve with me assuming I could use RIM's messenger service to IM my husband. I've sent several messages now from various countries and he hasn't gotten one of them. I'm assuming the places I've sent messages from have local Blackberry service, but perhaps not. I know that I had my husband set up properly because he was able to get my messages at home. Has anyone used BB Messenger overseas? If so, any idea what I could be doing wrong? Also, does anyone know if there is a list of countries posted somewhere where BB Messenger service is available?

    I'm sort of disappointed this isn't working. I can chat to him on internet, but it would be nice to send messages when I don't have access to that.

    09-29-08 08:33 PM
  2. HD123's Avatar
    i see you are using an 8330. I dont beleive the 8330 is a world phone. Isnt alltel a CDMA carrier?
    Are you receiving emails or any sort of data?
    Can you even make phone calls?
    I dont think you can use your phone at all overseas. You can only use curves from tmobile or at&t overseas.
    09-30-08 01:17 AM
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    Good call their dubai. I was going to say, anywhere email works, messenger will work. I have BBMed people from all over when traveling in Argentina, Mexico, Germany, switzerland, never an issue. Having a world edition or a GSM berry helps though!

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    09-30-08 01:23 AM
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    Rats. I guess I really misunderstood how messenger works then. I deliberately didn't get a World Edition phone because I only travel like this a few times a year, plus the curve had more features. I knew I wouldn't have phone service, but thought the Messenger part was separate. I didn't realize that it was also dependent on having data service or a SIM card for that particular area, or that you needed to have a particular type of technology (e.g., GSM).

    When I lived overseas, the only thing I knew existed as GSM. Moving back to the US was a shock. Carriers are balkanized in terms of technology, you can't switch carriers that easily (pop in a SIM card, for example), phones are tied usually to a particular carrier, etc. I suppose there are advantages of one technology over the other, but I do not like the lack of portability.

    09-30-08 02:06 AM
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    does at&t have bad coverage where you live?
    if you go with them you can have a great international data plan plus a far greater selection of better phones.
    09-30-08 05:33 AM
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    Unfortunately they have terrible coverage in my area. I looked into them first because I thought about getting GSM but was told by people who had them to not even bother. After looking at their coverage map and talking to a rep, I decided it wasn't worth it since I wanted my phone to serve as a landline replacement and need to be able to use it in the house (something my friends say they rarely can do!). Oh well.
    09-30-08 06:29 AM
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    Alltel may rent you a world GSM phone when you travel as an option. If you do, you will want to add international data for the times you travel.
    09-30-08 07:21 AM
  8. SLVR6's Avatar
    I guess you will have to upgrade to the Storm when it comes out since it is a world edition!

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    09-30-08 07:25 AM