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    Sadly, my dependable and heroic 8707v drowned in the south china sea

    It had served me well at only 10($17)/month and will be sorely missed. Consequently, earlier this week, I almost bought a new 8520 with contract. However, there were a few problems with the offers.

    1. Its very expensive 25($43) per month
    2. 24 months is too long as none of my phones have lasted more than 12!
    3. There is no protection against theft or damage, and I could end up paying for a service I cannot use
    4. The 8520 keyboard is incompatible with my big male thumbs

    Following from this failure to come to an agreement, I decided to buy a used 8800. The costs are lower, the keyboard is more usable, and there are fewer risks! Just wondered if anyone shares my point of view?
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    why wouldnt you get a newer model all together? I dont know your carrier but a tour or a 9000/9700 bold would be way better than a 8520 and 8800
    10-30-09 10:06 AM
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    Not available. I searched London's bigger stores such as phone4u, carphone warehouse, vodaphone, three.

    They were pushing the 8520 and suggested the Storm. It was actually the same story in every shop. I asked for others and they presented a Nokia
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    if your phone takes a simcard which I'm assuming it does you can buy an unlocked version of the phone. for instance the tour supports simcards even though its been released for GSM and the Blackberry 8900 is GSM too all great options but an older blackberry wont have the longevity that a new one has
    10-30-09 10:18 AM
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    Both 8707v/8800 are unlocked. Technologically speaking, you are correct in everything you say.

    However, socially speaking, I expect someone to steal my phone within 12 months. If its new, they might steal it sooner!
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