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    CradlePoint's pocket-sized PHS300 can be combined with a 3G cellular modem or 3G handset to create its own access point.

    This device will allow you to tether your EVDO BlackBerry as a modem, and share it with someone in your vicinity - perhaps you and your friend are in a wifi hotspot - one of you tethers their BlackBerry to this device, and you both have Internet access.

    It also benefits devices that work on GSM networks, or only on WiFi. Take the iPhone and the iPod Touch for instance. You can’t tether your Blackberry to either device. But if you plug it into this, you can access the Internet through your iPhone, or download songs from iTunes to your iPod Touch. This is just one example, too. There are plenty of devices this would work with.

    Mobile phone users with broadband wireless access can create a portable Wi-Fi hotspot through the use of a pocket-size portable EVDO device unveiled this week by CradlePoint.

    The PHS300 is an EVDO device that creates a fully portable Wi-Fi hotspot from 3G phones or modems.
    Similar in function to home office and small office Wi-Fi routers, the pocket-sized PHS300 can be combined with a 3G cellular modem or 3G handset to create its own access point.

    "Plugging a phone or modem into the PHS creates an instant hotspot for consumers and enterprises that is flexible, reliable and secure," said Gary Oliverio, CradlePoint's co-founder and VP of marketing, in a statement. "With the PHS300, shared Internet access is simple and available at higher speeds with virtually unlimited coverage."

    The device, which is available starting this week, carries a suggested retail price of $179. The PHS' intuitive software requires no special installation by users and connects at broadband speeds to PCs, PDAs, MP3 players, gaming devices and smart phones.

    CradlePoint said the PHS -- the PHS stands for "personal hotspot" -- connects users of Wi-Fi-enabled devices at broadband speeds. The PHS is powered by an AC adapter or by a user-replaceable lithium-ion battery.

    The company said the device can be used with some Verizon Wireless and Sprint (NYSE: S) data plans operating with USB modems manufactured by Sierra Wireless, Novatel Wireless and Franklin Wireless. Also, some smart phones, PDAs, and Blackberries can be used with the PHS.

    Here for detailed review and photos
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    12-10-07 04:32 PM
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    Thanks for the infomation, I do have a question before I purchace this PHS300...
    All I need to do is plug the PHS300 to my BB9700 to make it a hotspot?
    03-03-11 10:52 AM
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    179! wow

    FYI the new BBs in the fall can do this out of the box, most android phones already do it and iOS too.
    03-03-11 11:04 AM
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    Do you guys even see how old this thread is?
    03-03-11 02:04 PM