1. purplemonkeyuk's Avatar
    On any particular handset from Blackberry are you able to upload just your missed call list to your PC and enter those numbers into an Excel or CSV file?

    On each handset what are the maximum number of missed call numbers the phone can store before it starts deleting old missed call numbers with newer missed call numbers?

    Many thanks!
    04-12-13 09:59 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Not sure of the answer to this. But, I'm sure the missed call list goes into three figures. At least I would hope it would...
    04-12-13 10:22 PM
  3. southlander's Avatar
    You could selectively back up the call log to a PC using desktop manager and then see if there is a way to open the file using a text editor, etc. Best guess.

    Posted via CB10
    04-13-13 01:52 AM
  4. jesse_h's Avatar
    I'm not sure the answer to this. I'm actually more curious to know why this question is URGENT?!?!?!

    Maybe it's important, but come on, urgent? How immediate could you possibly need an answer?

    Posted via CB10 from my Zed
    04-13-13 07:09 AM
  5. purplemonkeyuk's Avatar
    JessH Urgent because it is business related I have an order for 100 BB units to process on Monday and this is a deciding factor .

    I need to be able to extract missed call list and know the maximum number of missed calls each handset can memorise
    southlander likes this.
    04-13-13 03:10 PM

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