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    i have a urgent issue with my blackberry and dont know how to go about it.

    i bought a bb bold about three months ago in new york with att. i got relocated to honduras and took that phone ulocked it and used it with a local cellphone provider in Honduras.

    2 weeks ago the provider gave me a bb curve 8900. so i backed up my contacts and restored them on this new phone. it works perfectly well.

    I decided to give my old but perfect phone to my girlfriend who had tons of problems with hers. i formatted everything and sent to her( she lives in italy).

    she started using the phone but i receive her bbm request and accept it but it stays in pending authorization. she has been able to add all her friend in europe but cannot add anyone here in Honduras or even the us.

    i receive her pins and messages but she cannot receive mine.

    i even added one of her rommates and we did a conference chat and her rommate receives all of my msgs but she doesnt receive any from me although i do receive from her.

    please help!!!!!
    10-20-09 04:05 PM