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    Hi everyone,
    I just got my first Blackberry from T-mobile. It's a Curve 8320 and the OS is

    Unfortunately the one thing I really cared about, multi-language capability, isn't there. It came with English and Spanish, but I really wanted to be able to read AND write (e-mails and SMS) in French and Greek as well.

    I had some of my contacts imported from the SIM; the names were written in Greek characters, and some in French, and I can read them on this Blackberry. I can also read e-mails sent to me in these two languages. But I cannot type in these languages, so I can't edit the contacts or write e-mails in Greek/French.
    I checked the options and I see:
    Input language: English, Spanish. Nothing else.

    I thought of upgrading because on the Blackbery software downloads page,
    for the 8320 Smartphone there is

    BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.2.2.338 (Multilanguage)
    Package Version:

    But how can I know whether "Multilanguage" includes Greek and French? Has anybody downloaded this version? Can you tell me what languages were added?

    If it's not really MULTIlanguage, I won't upgrade; I don't care much about the new video enhancements and other features that come with the new OS.
    Thanks so much in advance.
    11-04-08 01:08 PM