1. boynecity's Avatar
    My husband (retired and kinda a farmer) is ready for a upgrade from his 8300 curve. My question is this...is it worth the $150.00 to upgrade to the Bold? He wears his BB on his hip in a otterbox all the time. He uses his BB alot for his email..he doesn't know how to use a computer but is getting pretty good on the bb. We looked at the Bold and he held it, didn't mind the size at all. He is a slow typer. Anyway, your opinions? Also, will it be hard for him to learn new stuff on the Bold? It took me a while teach him all the things on one bb.

    Thank you
    07-07-09 10:00 AM
  2. J-Mar's Avatar
    I don't think there's that many differences between 8300 and Bold, just the Bold has a more modern look to it. Even if he's not that great on computers he shouldn't have any trouble since he's gotten comfortable with Curve.

    As a Bold owner that paid I think $249 for it, yes $150 is worth it for this fantastic phone.
    07-07-09 10:12 AM