1. Qurve's Avatar
    Is there any difference? I guess not as we are told BlackBerry only pushes updates through carriers.

    So what is Link doing when my Q10 is plugged to the pc and I check for software updates? Is it just performing some kind of automated macro on the phone that is same as me checking manually for updates on the phone? And if you happen to update while in Link is it still OTA?

    Btw as usual Link took forever to update itself to and every time I start it (Win 7) the whole system slows down as if I have 10 pictures open in Photoshop with 20 layers in each...For what is mostly a sync-ing piece of software Link continues to be l-o-u-s-y IMO.

    ? Q1o
    02-14-14 02:29 PM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    First.... It's not the software!
    There are many factors to consider as to why Link is slow on any given computer.

    Anti-virus programs are notorious for slowing things down. Disable it when using Link.
    Also, when's the last time you did a "FULL" Scan? Adware, Malware can slow things down to a crawl.
    Other things to consider are your CPU, Memory (RAM), Bandwidth speed

    Personally, (what works best for me, and is just a suggestion) backup your device with Link. Download the Autoloader for your device, and install the OS with the cable from Device to PC. Considering you say that Link is slow, I'd stay away from OTA.

    Check out the "HOW TO" sections, which will give you step by step directions.
    02-14-14 03:28 PM

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