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    A lot of people have been unimpressed with the launch as was I.
    However, I am able to point to my disappointment in the fact that it did not seem to be a launch for the grand mobile computing platform for the next decade.
    It really, really did seem like just a launch for a new phone.

    I've been anticipating the launch, like everyone around here, and also believed that there would be some surprises.
    (In fact, now writing this, I remember often heard the phrase "we need to keep some surprises for the launch")
    I thought the surprises would be in the platform. ie. distributed computing and multitasking among devices, integration with cars, devices, etc (a mobile computing platform).
    In fact, TH even mentioned how it was a platform at the beginning of the launch, and how the phone would integrate with life but never showed any aspect of it.

    So, like others are asking, is this it?
    Is it just phones with some potential to integrate and do cool stuff, or is there another launch or something?
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