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    Hi all! I am having a terrible time connecting my 9780 to my PC to transfer media. When I open BB desktop and connect my 9780 it is not detecting it right away. My phone keeps prompting me to select USB, Sync Media, or charge only.
    When i select Sync Media the desktop keeps telling me to connect device, and I hear the default Windows down jinggle that occurs when you dissconnect the USB from the device, but its still connected.

    I am going around in circles here. My BB USB cables are brandnew. My USB port on my PC is fully functioning.

    When i try to connect my Playbook its the same issue, but I get a step further with it with the exception, It will not allow me to export music files to the Playbook because i get a prompt telling me I need permission to perform the action, access denied.

    The Playbook actually syncs with the software and reads the device, my 9780 will not.

    All desktop software is up to date. I am so confused. I have never had this issue before. Help!!!
    01-20-13 01:14 AM

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